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first of all, you are sick. why would you read a girls diary anyways?… - I Love You [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Chelsea!'d Rather Dance

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[May. 15th, 2006|01:46 pm]
Chelsea!'d Rather Dance
[mood |enragedenraged]

first of all,
you are sick.
why would you read a girls diary anyways? do I know you? do you know me? do i have anything to do with you, or what you do? do my feelings and thoughts affect the way you live, and if they do, you are pathetic. Are you obsessed with my outings? do you care about who i hang out with, the things i do, the boys i kiss, the girls i sing with, the car i drive, the parties i go to?

second of all,
you are sick. why would you send a daughters private feelings to her family, especially when you know they are having trouble as it is. Do you have no heart? do you not think about how things affect other people? journals are for the people who write them. Mine is up here and private, because no one from around here knows i have one, and no one can walk into my room and read it. Journals are not evidence for anything, especially online ones. typos occur often, completely changing the meaning of what you were saying. you have no right to say anything about my journal to anyone. you have no right in the first place to be involved with it.

you have ruined my privacy.

third of all,
i can take care of myself, you stupid whore. mind your own fucking buisness, and get better at your fucking job.
maybe you could pay attention to the kids doing cocaine off toilet seats. or the kids who are drunk all day, every day, failing out of school, and bringing our test grades down. and maybe you could remember how difficult it is to find a junior in high school who has never been to a party, and maybe for comparison, you could read all the other girls diaries.
oh wait.
im sure you already do.
pay attention to the kids who are ruining their lives, and not the kids who are enjoying them.

get a fucking life of your own.