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Chelsea!'d Rather Dance

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hi/!4 [Jul. 20th, 2008|10:09 am]
Chelsea!'d Rather Dance
well, i didn't have sex thursday night, but i did get to get SOME and then some insane sober sex friday evening.
and its funny, cause i've been with him for like, three days straight and last night was funny, cause i didn't see him cause i was a good girl and stayed home.
and i have an insane text message in spanish that's from a random number, not his but i still think it might be him. who knows. not like his phone is always the most reliable way to reach him.

also got chris beck (from last weekend) 4:30 AM drunk calls/texts, so that's funny, cause i had sorta forgotten about that.
anyways, i think the first might continue, and i would be okay with that... but it also may be dramatic and a lot of work. so i'm just letting things happen as they will.